Where did the summer go? It was a scorcher; only pleasant if you could spend it by the pool.

The latter half of the summer was spent indoors due to extreme fatigue, loss of appetite and an occasional fever. The symptoms first appeared in early August. I was tested twice for COVID-19. Those tests came back negative. After numerous blood tests, an abdominal ultrasound and MRI, I was finally diagnosed with Cytomegalovirus. Naturally, at the time I was worried, especially after the blood work showed some alarming results.

I entered the Autumn season with a sense of peacefulness and serenity. This summer gave me alot to think about. It helped me evaluate my relationships and clear some fog. In so doing, I finally learned not to take upsetting interactions personally. Its not because I care less, rather I realized that people are deflecting or projecting their fears and insecurities unto others.

Sometimes we need an illness or a certain discomfort to bring about profound changes to our perceptions on life and the human psyche.

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