The Gazebo

With the gradual de-confinement, I have once again began to socialize; speaking on the phone or video chatting, is not my preferred choice. I like “in person” interaction.

Luckily, since the acquisition of my Gazebo, last summer I’ve been able to host my friends in its space starting last week; not more than 2 friends at a time. It is a closed structure and can protect us from the elements while air flows easily through the screened windows surrounding the Gazebo, making it safe during this time of Covid. It is big enough to keep the required 6 ft. distance. When its chilly, blankets keep us warm and cozy.

Last week, Maia came by and we had supper together but the evening ended early. Maia had been in the hot sun most of the day and was feeling its effect. Time spent with her is usually quiet and relaxing, “just chilling” is the expression used by the younger population.

This weekend my friend C—- came by mid-afternoon and stayed for dinner. We had so much to catch up on. With her demanding job and ailing Mother C—‘s busy schedule doesn’t give her much time to socialize. Getting together is always a pleasure.

Yesterday M—- and her friend A—- came by, in the afternoon. We opened a bottle of Prosecco and toasted to new beginnings. M— recently sold her home and is moving into a Condo. A—-, recently moved into a new Condo to be closer to her son and I renovated my back yard, last year. During the course of the evening, the conversation flowed, like the wine, LOL!! We did “take out” and ended the evening with a warm cup of coffee and my homemade Italian bread cake.

It felt good to have a semblance of normalcy, even though the little bottles of sanitizer sitting on the serving tray were there to remind us of the uncertain times we are currently living.

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