Insignificant and Trivial

Writing about my single life during this 4th week of self isolation, because of the Corona Virus pandemic, is insignificant and trivial.

Social media is a way to stay in touch and connected during this period. Many people are baking, (including, myself) and cooking fine cuisine dishes. Others, are baking bread and making homemade pasta. All wonderful and fulfilling activities.

Just yesterday our Prime Minister announced the grim reality that we’re in for a long haul, 12 to 18 months, depending when the vaccine will be developed.

The general population is still in react mode over the global situation. They are keeping busy and adjusting their lives according to the daily government directives. Once the adjustments are made and the novelty of cooking, baking, creating amusing videos with “Tik Tok”, etc. and going to multiple food stores, simply for the outing, maybe then, people will truly understand the gravity of the current world situation.

Once all these distractions are exhausted, what next? Will people reach to the depth of their soul and revisit what is truly important OR will they become frustrated and angry?

In my opinion, everything happens for a reason. The World and its human inhabitants were spinning faster than it was meant to. I often felt that the planet Earth would fall off its axis and spin off into a black hole (metaphorically speaking). Everything needed to come to a halt in order to reset humanity and begin anew.

I want to be hopeful, but I’m also a realist, it will get worse before it gets better.

On a last note I want to say, I am proud and Grateful to live in Canada. Kudos to both our federal and provincial leaders. Their leadership is exceptional, under these trying times. They deserve our respect.

One thought on “Insignificant and Trivial

  1. So true Carol the world homely will change people will change…we will homely be better people thanks for your thoughts


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