For those of us in North America, there is heightened anxiety over the spread of Covid-19 virus since the last few days. School closures and cancelled sports events amongst many other measures such as keeping social distance is all contributing to this anxiety.

Like most, I’m doing my part. In all honesty though, it isn’t so difficult for me. Ever since the birth of my first grandchild and then the H1N1, I adopted the hand washing protocol; maybe even too much at times. I don’t favor crowded areas so I usually shop at non peak hours.

Now is a good time to get some of those “to do” projects done. Also, Spring is around the corner, what better time is there to get ready for the change of season; on the top of my list is:

  1. Wash winter outer wear and boots before storing
  2. Sweep driveway of all winter debris.
  3. Clean garage
  4. Wash car interior
  5. Indoor spring cleaning

What are some of your “to do’s” for the the coming weeks.

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