The Beanie

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This Friday past, I had a lunch date with my friend M and one of her close friends. M’s friend had commissioned me to crochet a baby blanket for her future grandson and I was on my way to the restaurant, to deliver it, when my cell phone rang. It was from a previous client, of my creations. She wanted to know if I had any crocheted beanies in stock. I did not, but one could be made. That’s when she informed me of the passing of her close friend, who had been battling cancer for many years. Tears welled in my eyes.

About 2 years ago my client had asked me to crochet a beanie for the same friend. Apparently the friend loved the hat so much, that she left instructions with her husband to be buried with it, when the time came; she preferred to have the hat cover her head and not her wig. Unfortunately, the color of that beanie did not suit the color of the burial outfit chosen by her family; she needed a lighter color but the original hat would be placed in her coffin, in order to respect her wishes. I asked when it was needed for and she replied that it was for the day after next, the Sunday. After my lunch date, I rushed off to buy the yarn. The hat was replicated in the desired color and ready by Saturday afternoon.

This order meant a lot to me, it was personal. You see, I had met the deceased a few years ago shortly after the end of my cancer treatments. She was a lovely woman in her early forties, who was battling cancer for a few years already. We spoke about our respective cancers. My heart had gone out to her because she was young, with a young family.

There isn’t a single day that I am not grateful, for the success of my cancer treatments. I survived; others do not! They go through many different treatments in order to: slow down the cancer; stay alive as long as possible; be there for their children, spouse and/or cherished family members. These people are truly brave! It takes extreme courage to: face every new day; be living with the side effects of the drugs and the cancer; endure the malaise and pain.

Rest in peace, beautiful lady and warrior. May God have a special place for you.

3 thoughts on “The Beanie

  1. That woman must have known how much love you put into making her beanie that she wanted that love to stay with her. A gesture that comes from the heart no matter how small can make an enourmous difference in someone’s life 💖


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