Facial Treatments

Its a while now that I’ve been noticing the sagging skin on my face, the neck wrinkles and the crepiness on my chest, not to mention the other places on the body, but I’ll focus on the face, neck and chest for now, LOL! I can no longer brush it away as I did before.

Last week, the Grammy award ceremonies took place. Watching the celebrities at their red carpet interviews, gave me time to look at the women, their gown , hair, and face. The 50 + were of real interest to me. It was amazing how well preserved they were despite their age. It made me wonder how truthful they are, when they claim it’s all about the cream they use (they may not have had plastic surgery, but they’ve had something done).

After the Grammy’s I did some research on ULTHERAPY and THERMAGE and requested a consultation with a Derma Clinic. These treatments and others can end up costing thousands of dollars. I told my friend Maya about this and she suggested I first try an IPL treatment that she offers at her spa for a fraction of the price, compared to the other treatments.

The appointment for an IPL was last Thursday. I felt excited but with a sense of trepidation, after all, this was a laser treatment, could it harm me? I quickly put things in perspective. Seven years ago, I underwent cancer treatment. It consisted of 6 rounds of chemo and 25 of radio therapy. A little bit of laser pales in comparison.

I can’t say the treatment was painless; with every shot of laser came a stinging burning sensation. Maya is an excellent esthetician, very sensitive to her clients needs and a very caring person. Before and after the treatment, she gave me a soothing facial, making the overall experience pleasant. I left the spa relaxed and rejuvenated.

I don’t want to age gracefully. This is not about vanity. As we age, the face gives us a more drawn and tired look. That said, I believe that working on our inner selves is also a powerful rejuvinating process. It is part of my daily life. But like my skin care routine, there is only so much I can do at home. When needed, I visit a spiritual healer. She is a gifted woman and has helped me deal with stagnant and suppressed emotional pain, which manifests itself physically.

We wear our emotions on our face; they leave their mark. With some spiritual healing and IPL treatments, I hope to erase some of the visible emotional scars.

As a side note, my spiritual healer made a point to mention recently, GRATITUDE, is the single most important aspect to healing our emotional pain.

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