Shaping Up, the New Reality

The New Year is upon us. It’s 2020! Can you believe it! I already know I’m going to have an exciting year (just like I knew 2019 was going to be one of transition, reflection and personal growth).

My social calendar is filling up rapidly, that means, I need to refresh my wardrobe by doing some serious shopping. Of course, as a woman, I feel the need to get into shape before I invest in any new pieces.

Although I’ve been exercising almost daily, for the past few months, the results are NIL!! Frankly, it’s rather frustrating. Aging and menopause is a factor, say the experts.

Getting dressed, itself, has become a daily exercise. In my drawer I have every body shaper imaginable. I try on several before I decide which one flatters my shape and outfit. While one shaper pushes in my stomach it creates bulges on my back. With the full body shaper, I practically have to get undressed everytime nature calls. Many times I opt for none.

When I think about all the fuss that goes into trying to get a taut body shape, I question its importance. In the end does it really change anything about, who I am? No, it doesn’t! Then I must use common sense, accept the loose body skin and be realistic about how much can actually be tucked away, or disappear with routine exercise.

As with every New Year, there are resolutions. Mine is to accept the reality of aging and to find new respect and love for this 60+ body.


2 thoughts on “Shaping Up, the New Reality

  1. Trop drôle et encourageant ! Ton blogue devrait maintenant s’appeler , singleafter60😜Tout ça pour te dire que l’important durant ces dernières années , est que tu es toujours là saine psychologiquement et physiquement .

    On ne peut s’empêcher de vieillir, mais on peut s’empêcher de devenir vieux.😍Il faut s’aimer , aimer les autres , aimer la vie et le bonheur sera au rendez-vous. Le bonheur , n’est pas d’avoir ce que l’on désire, mais d’apprécier ce que l’on n’a.


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