Saturday Night

Last Saturday I attended a supper with some former students of my highschool graduating class, a mini reunion. It was held a at small art gallery whose owner, Angelo, indulged us with some savory dishes. The cozy sofa’s, the long drapes and paintings on the walls made for a warm and intimate atmosphere. The conversation was non stop.

Everyone had an interesting story to tell about their past and current life ( I guess its expected after living so many years). The sad stories came up at times too, but no one lingered there. Instead, the night was about having some good laughs and enjoying the good food.

The event also helped raise some funds for Autism research. Kudos to the organizer.

My evening did not end there. I then drove to a club downtown and joined my young friend, Maia and her guest for a night cap.

It felt good to be out and about on a Saturday night after having spent quiet weekends of late.

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