The Patio Party

Last Friday, my friend “M” hosted a small patio party for her lady friends, a group of 6. Except for one, we were all single ladies, either widowed, divorced or separated.

I arrived late because Friday was the day they came to lay the sod and activate the sprinklers in my newly landscaped backyard.

When I entered M’s home, I could hear the voices of her guests chatting and laughing. As I walked out to the patio the conversation stopped but I sensed a fun, lighthearted and relaxed energy amongst the group , a feeling of being at the right place, at the right time.

I apologized for being late. Everyone took the time to greet me. The wine was flowing and the entrées were inviting. I was quickly ushered to my seat at the patio table so that the topic of conversation could resume. The energy was contagious. One of the ladies quickly filled me in on the topic.

The conversation was about “M’s “friend “A”. The latter had told the ladies, before I arrived, about an incident that occurred in a parking lot that same day. Apparently, a handsome younger gentleman approached her. He complimented her on the eyeglasses she was wearing and offered her his business card. She took it, gladly.

Everyone around the table was asked their opinion, respectively, of what the gentleman’s intention was and what advise we had for “A”. The laughs were endless.

The conversation went from casual encounters to ex ‘s and our health issues. Then some light rain started. It seemed like the skies heard our sorrows and began crying for us. You would think this change of conversation and weather would dampen our spirits, humor and the lightheartedness we were all feeling. Instead, we covered our heads with our jackets, continued to pour the wine and laugh about our sad tales.

The day before, August 8th, was the “Lion’s Gate” a cosmic event.

According to spiritual experts, the effects can be felt for several days. It brings an opportunity for personal transformation and growth. Serendipities, syncronocities, deja vu’s can be experienced.

I believe that cosmic forces were at play that evening. A special connection was felt amongst all. It was an evening where everyone expressed their feelings without any fear of judgement. We were all on the same spiritual plane. Each of us demonstrated our strength of character by being genuine and respectful of each other. Our egos were subdued.

Thank You M and to all the beautiful strong women at the party. After feeling lonely and sick for 2 weeks with a bad cold, that evening was the perfect medicine to cure my self-pity.

2 thoughts on “The Patio Party

  1. Très bel article et je crois beaucoup à la citation du lion, s’ouvrir aux autres est la plus grande marque d’amitié ,générosité et d’amour que l’on puisse donner. Il est prouvé que se réunir autour d’une table est un moment festif mais il est important de bien choisir les gens qui sont autour de nous. Je te souhaite d’avoir d’autres moments ainsi.


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