The Lash Extentions

Over the past 2.5 yrs I’ve been contemplating getting lash extensions; always an excuse, from “I’m too old” to, “they won’t suit me”.

But all that changed when I met my friend E for dinner last week. E is 2 yrs my senior and she is a beautiful but modest woman, no fuss. When I saw her with lash extensions, so natural looking, I made my decision. I said to her, if she did it and liked it, then why couldn’t I take the plunge!

We previously had spoken about it and how I hesitated for various reasons and how her daughter insisted she get them and had even booked the appointment for her.

My appointment was today at 11 A.M.. I was excited. Before getting started, the esthetician presented my options and what she recommended. During my one hour session, she started a conversation and before I knew it, the job was done.

She instructed me to sit up and then handed me a mirror. “Wow, I love them,”I exclaimed! In fact, they open my eyes and it seems that I’m wearing eyeliner. I no longer have to use eye make-up. There is some daily and nightly care but at least I don’t have to fuss with the mascara and eyeliner.

Overcoming my fears, even banal ones, as lash extentions, is part of my self growth.

Trying something new gets more difficult as we age. We begin to feel comfortable with a look or a style and the next thing you know you are wearing granny shoes.

Unfortunately, we cannot avoid the aging process but some vanity plays a part in staying young.

Don’t you agree?😉

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