The Backyard Project

My backyard project is taking longer than expected and I’m afraid that I won’t be able to enjoy it to its fullest this summer. Without the fence, the remaining work cannot be terminated. Alas, I’m able to enjoy my furnished Gazebo which was installed last week. My neighbor C, refers to it as my little chalet, lol.

Last night, my neighbor C came over with her boyfriend, J. We were talking about our current, family sized, homes and how it will be sad to sell them when we get old.

I grew up in a modest area of town, living in small row houses, therefore I cherish the space my current home provides, including my spacious yard. It is a solace, my haven.

When I mentionned the street name that I lived on, growing up, C’s boyfriend, J stated that his father-in-law had been the janitor for many years at one of the local elementary schools. When I asked the name of the school he named the one I had attended and then he mentionned his father-in-law’s name, “Monsieur D”! I couldn’t believe the coincidence (I remember that man, such a hard working gentle soul)! I never forgot his name. He was a school fixture.

Is it a coincidence, that we happen to be talking of my childhood neighborhood, and then find out that there is a common connection between J and myself? It makes me wonder and question.

I’ve had many coincidences in my life. I think many people can relate to the one where you are thinking of a person and shortly after, you hear from them.

According to Dr. Paul Pearsall, neuropsychologist, coincidences in our lives are not simply random events, but the products of cosmic laws in action. He says, in his book, “the more a coincidence seems to mean to you, there is an opposite and contrasting message hidden somewhere for you to discover. Don’t be deceived by its first and obvious meaning”. He also explains in his book, “Making Miracles”, that coincidences happen when transitions and crises are in progress. He writes, “View the opportunity as a positive to your own development. Your coincidences will reveal that there is always a side of your living that you have been ignoring”. Interesting, yes? I came upon this book at the airport, while on a business trip.

In my blog, “The Spring Clean Up”, I wrote about being in a transitional phase. The elementary school, “Janitor”coincidence seems somehow connected to the emotional turmoil I’ve been experiencing these last few weeks. What revelations will be presented to me.

Is my backyard project a synchronicity to my personal evolution and struggles? Is it a metaphor of my present life?

Food for thought.

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