Hold me back

This morning the doorbell awoke me. It was 7:45 a.m.. I got up quickly, put on my robe and tidied my hair. A little annoyed by the early interruption, I opened the door. It was a tall good looking young man in work clothes. He was part of the crew that came to install my backyard Gazebo. My annoyance turned into a burst of energy. He had the most beautiful smile. I went to greet them in the backyard. They were 3 strapping young men.

I messaged my younger daughter to tell her to hold me back, cause these men were just too gorgeous, lol! She replied jokingly, “Wait, I’m coming”.

I find that as I get older I appreciate the physical male attributes alot more. Especially the one of younger men. It’s like “eye candy”. Their towering strength, their strong muscular arms, their sinewy legs, their rugged look in construction boots. You can see the sweat and feel the testosterone that is emitted while they work with their tools.

One evening while having dinner at a restaurant with a friend, an “Adonis” of a speciman passed by. I could no longer concentrate on her words. I interrupted the conversation to tell her to give me a minute. Is this how men feel when they see attractive young women?

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