Table for One

For the past 3 weeks my back yard has been under major landscaping renovation. The work is almost finished. I have been enjoying every step of the process with one exception, the fence. Making sure my neighbors agreed on the dividing line, without the additional expenses of hiring a land surveyor and the delays it would cause, was somewhat challenging for me. However, this experience is giving me added confidence. Also, the fact that I am handling this project on my own is so empowering and fulfilling.

It is a beautiful Saturday evening and no one to enjoy it with, so I decided to take myself out. I’m enjoying a plate of lobster ravioli in a cream sauce. Next to me is a table of women in their early 50 ‘s. I can’t help hearing snippets of their conversation- ex-hubands, boyfriends and pets.

Recently, I found out that one of my female cousins has seperated after 21 years of marriage. I’m of the opinion that marriage doesn’t have to be for life. Over the years one changes, then on a given day you wake up feeling unsatisfied with your life and spouse. If the differences can’t be worked out then there should be no shame to end the marriage. Someone close to me, who ended a 25 year marriage, said she outgrew her husband. That’s a short and sweet way to put it.I’m sure that if in our mother’s era, women did not feel the stigma of being divorced and were not financially dependant on their husbands , many would have divorced.

Experts say men need marriage to calm them and that single women without children are the happiest. I believe that if a woman did not have the desire to experience motherhood, there would be very few marriages today.

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