Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

Yesterday my friend D and I attended a dinner party hosted at a restaurant by a gentleman with an interesting story, a good friend of our mutual friend, M. We knew no one except M. We arrived a little late because of the construction chaos downtown. After the introductions were made, we sat down to begin our meal.

At my table there was a woman who owned a matchmaking agency. She said that the most common mistake people make when searching for a love partner is their lack of open-mindedness. They are not ready to venture out of their comfort zone. They should look past the physical appearance or lack of instant connection, and take the time to get to know them as a person. If they get to like and appreciate the person, the rest will follow.

Sounds like logical and sound advise but in today’s world where we look for instant gratification and we are slaves to our busy schedules, we don’t have the luxury of time to get to know someone, unless we think the person is worthy of our time. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t met anyone I’d like to share my life with. Or maybe, it’s because I enjoy being single and not ready to settle into a committed relationship.

When dinner parties are held at restaurants it is hard to mingle but last night, D encouraged me to venture outside the premises with the guests who went to enjoy a cigarette and chat idley. There we got to know some of the other guests. My friend and I are ex smokers, but last night we were each offered a cigarette which we graciously took and giggled like two school girls while trying not to inhale. With one puff we were both buzzed, but this broke the ice and we shared some good laughs with the others.

This was the highlight of the evening, a casual exchange with a few laughs, without any expectations.

Thank You, M for having us added to the guest list.

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