The Weekend

Just got home from an evening out with my young friends, Maya and Anastasia. We went for dinner at a fine restaurant in a quiet residential area. We ate too much, laughed and drank good wine. The waiter was very friendly which made the evening even more fun. After our meal he gave us a complimentary dessert and a digestif to accompany the dessert.

Maya suggested we head off to a local club for a nightcap. Upon arrival we walked around the club to get a feel of the crowd.

Anastasia was approached by a man and they chatted for a while and then he disappeared.

We made our way to the bar to order drinks. Two gentlemen sitting at the bar offered me an empty seat between them. My friends encouraged me to accept. The DJ had just put on a Frank Sinatra song, New York, New York. Everyone began to sing along and the gentleman on my left took off his cap and put it on my head and encouraged me to sing along. Maya was enjoying the interaction. He offered each of us a drink. He chatted with Maya and Anastasia, intermittently.

Conversations in clubs are difficult. People go there to drink, listen to music and eye the opposite sex. Some men like the one tonight, will actually offer a woman a drink, no strings attached, just for the pleasure of having their attention.

The gentleman on my right was there with his wife, enjoying a night out without the children. He thought Maya was my daughter — said we looked alike. Maya told him we were friends. He was surprised. I imagine it seems strange for a 62 year old to be friends with a 28 year old!

As I’ve been told, age is just a number.

Maya often reminds me not to focus on my age but to just enjoy life to the fullest. She’s right.

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