The Spring Vacation

Last week I came back from spending a week in St Maarten. The weather was perfect; always a light breeze to keep us cool with lower temperatures in the evening.

Most of my days were spent on the beach just not the same one, lol; my young

friend Maya likes to “beach hop”.

On the Sunday we took a speedboat excursion to another country nearby, called Anquilla. It was a cloudy day and the ocean was a bit choppy. The captain accelerated to keep us from catching the rain. It was a wild ride and frankly a bit dangerous but exilerating nonetheless. Most of the occupants on the boat were young millennials. They were drinking and music was playing. It was like a rollercoaster ride. When we arrived at our destination we swam to shore but I had difficulty swimming back. The waves were high. A young man called Zac jumped to my rescue and helped me back to the boat. At one of the stops I stayed on the boat and chatted with a surgeon and his girlfriend. We talked about dating sites since it was how they met. We swapped some of our experiences. She asked if younger men had reached out to me on the site and I replied that they had. I told her that my sexual experiences were with younger men. They both high fived me. She was genuinely delighted to know older women can get younger men, at any age, that she shouted it out to everyone. On the boat I also got to chat with a retired professional squash player from India. He now lived in New York recruiting players dfoe this sport. He had come to St Martin for the annual music festival with friends. There he instantly connected with a woman and they started a vacation romance. She was with him on the excursion. It brought back memories of my vacation romances when I was a young woman.

As a side note, I so enjoy spending time with younger people. They are full of life and make you forget all your aches and woes. They are so engaging. I always feel privileged to interact with them.

On another day we took a small boat ride to Pinel Island to sunbathe and enjoy the beach. The water was knee deep for a very long stretch. We had an assigned waiter who served us on the beach. Between the two of us we drank two bottles of rosé after our lunch. We met a lovely couple sitting next to us and chatted with them. Once the wine kicked in we got giddy and chatty. Maya suggested we untie our hair and take pictures in the ocean. We took pictures in our bikinis not caring about seeing our imperfections on camera (not that Maya has any). It was so liberating!

One night Maya wanted to retire early so I decided to go for a drink at the hotel bar. There a met a very young man called Jackson, we had a brief conversation until I decided it was time to retire. He was 3 years old (where are all the available men)!

We both got great tans and put some healthy color back on our faces after a long and harsh winter.

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