Let’s Talk About Sex

Yes, lets talk about sex, specifically sex after 55.

Steamy novels fly off the shelves, pornography, movies and series with erotic scenes have a large following. We all know sex sells. So why are some women depriving themselves of their sexual fantasies?

As I mentionned in a previous post, I got in touch with my sensuality after my divorce and now have a healthy sex life. I enjoy the company of a man almost 20 years younger. He is kind, gentle, a good listener and the body of Michelangelo’s David. It’s a no label relationship. We can talk for hours about many things. We are sexually compatible and respect each other. The hours spent with this man fulfills me as a woman, something I never experienced with another man. He adores my body, what more can I ask for.

After 55, most women are menopausal and some have to deal with vaginal dryness causing painful sex and a declining libido. Sagging skin, wrinkles, saggy breasts and stomach fat is all they see when looking in the mirror. They may feel unattractive and old. Some actually believe that sex is over for them. It is no wonder these women have reservations about meeting a man and having sex, let alone a younger man.

We women, are so hard on ourselves. The ability to attract men does not only come from the physical appearance. Her sensualty can be more powerful.

This is the best time to enjoy sex. There is no fear of getting pregnant, no PMS, no menstruation. There are no barriers –vaginal dryness can be treated. Of course, always practice safe sex.

My advise is to get in touch with your sensuality, appreciate your feminine curves, bring out that sexy vixen that wants to come out and play. Feel feminine. It is a state of mind. The men will follow the scent.

Sex is an expression of Self. It is powerful, liberating and raw. Imagine, all the five senses are activated simultaneously, that makes for one extraordinary experience. Sex is the connecting of 2 souls.

We are living longer. Why must we deprive ourselves of a pastime and a pleasure that is free and invigorates the body and keeps us lubricated and young?

Many people tell me I look younger than my age. I tell them, ” the sex keeps me young.”

Find your inner Goddess and let the magic begin.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex

  1. you are one outspoken woman! love it! does this young friend of yours, who looks like ‘The David’ have a friend?? I was recently approached by a man, a few years older than my son’s age! Too bad, I was not into him! I say, empower yourselves with confidence ladies and like Carol said, the men will follow the scent!


  2. Ben detto Carol, il sesso ci tiene giovani, ossigena il nostro corpo e tanti malanni scompaiono. Hai ragione quando dici che noi donne siamo critiche e dure con noi stesse. Dobbiamo imparare ad amarci e accettarci per come siamo. Solo cosi possiamo liberarci dei nostri fantasmi e pregiudizi e sentirci libere a donarci ad un uomo. La vita è bella e va vissuta e il sesso è un tassello ancora oggi tabù per certe donne che non hanno il coraggio di affrontare e di seguire il loro istinto sessuale che le porterebbe a provare piacere puro e sentirsi amate e sessualmente appagate. Sei fortunata ad aver trovato un uomo “all in one😉” che ti gratifica in una relazione senza impegno.
    Love you❤🌷


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