Like all 50+ women single or otherwise, we must all go through the torture chamber called” The Mammogram”. Today was my scheduled appointment. I can’t understand how technology has not been developed to make this procedure less painful. That said, I am still grateful that screening of any kind, exists.

In the waiting room there were men accompanying their spouses/partners for moral support. Single women instead are usually alone. That is one of the downsides of being single. But in all honesty, I don t mind going alone. The upside of being single, however, is that I’m not accountable to anyone. I make all the decisions and, don’t have my spouse criticizing my decisions or having to consult with him before one is taken. I can be spontaneous and accept last minute invitations to outings and come home at any hour. I’m not sharing a bed and can toss and turn as I please. I have the bathroom and walk-in closet all to myself. I relish being alone and living alone. Sure there are times I need that WARM HUG but that’s a small price to pay for all the benefits of being single, FREEDOM!

I know, I know, some of you are going to be protesting that you are happily married and in a respectful relationship, but I am talking about my personal experience. Please do not get all worked up over my comments, LOL!!!! For now the single status gives me certain liberties that I can’t have in a committed relationship, namely dating other men and exploring my sensuality. But most importantly, getting to know me and loving myself for who I am.

8 thoughts on “Singleness

  1. you are so right, having been in a relationship where I was undervalued as a woman and having to live mainly by his rules, it was a liberation for me when he passed, I realized how much of myself I lost and how many years I lost with the wrong partner, I am now with someone(but not living together) who puts me first and lavishes me with love and affection, he gives me my freedom and encourages me to be my own person and have my own interests and friends, life is good since I have the best of both worlds…thank you God..


    1. Hi. Your story is similar to mine. We are able to be our true selves and discover many other facets of ourself. Being with a man who now appreciates your intellect and beauty is truly a blessing. Life works in mysterious ways doesn’t it?


  2. You said it right Carol…..freedom!
    Just in case….apparently , they say that if you want a long lasting marriage, you should have seperate bedrooms .
    At times in a couple you end up feeling lonely being married and that is when you wish you were single instead of being “lonely” married. Affectivity is probably what we miss the most but hey, if we have kids, grandchildren or friends, what better hugs and I love you can we get!


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