The Transformation

Most people will go through some transformation when they become single. The obvious change is usually the physical appearance.

I believe the biggest transformation happens on the inside. There are many negative feelings to deal with during the period of divorce or following the death of a spouse. In my case, I felt betrayal, guilt, sadness, anger, fear, shame, disappointment, loneliness, and rejection, to name a few, LOL! I knew, that to survive and live a healthy life both emotionally and physically, I would have to deal with each and everyone of these feelings. Not any easy feat. Writing in a daily journal was a way to vent my feelings but that was not enough. Doing therapy helped but I needed healing at a deeper level.

My eldest sister pointed me in the direction of a woman who was a Reiki Master. Reiki is a form of energy healing, an Asian method, used to encourage emotional or physical healing.

When I went to my first session I was greeted by this beautiful woman who’s dark brown eyes held such compassion and warmth. She introduced herself and hugged me saying what a pleasure it was to meet me. I suddenly felt like a child enveloped in her mother’s warm embrace. During the session I was able to clear my thoughts and rest my body, mind and spirit. This woman had temporarily taken away my emotional burden. She felt my pain and gave me some spiritual guidance. I continued to see her for a few more sessions. With each session I grew spiritually. Her kindness, jolliness and empathy filled my soul with positive energy. I felt connected to God and the Universe. She touched my life in a very profound way. The healing began.

This openness to spirituality and God guided me through my cancer phase. I learned to respect my body, mind and spirit. It has given me the courage to face life’s curve balls and to be grateful for the small things that we take for granted.

Transforming my physical appearance is a work in progress much like my emotional growth; it changes as I grow as a person.

The most beautiful physical attribute and everyone has it– is your smile. Always wear it!

4 thoughts on “The Transformation

  1. I believe the healing power started within you, Carol, because you wanted to heal and therefore you found the strength to find the way. One way is through your writing. Bravo my friend! very proud of you! love, dina


  2. Après avoir lu tous tes textes (blogs) . J’en conclue , que toute personne est unique et chacune d’entre nous avons un parcours et objectifs différents dans notre vie. Ce qui est bon pour toi , n’est pas nécessairement bon pour moi.Donc, l’important est de te connaître et tu sauras ce que tu veux, de t’aimer et tu pourras aimer les autres , ainsi tu atteindras une certaine qualité de vie.
    On pense que le bonheur , c’est d’avoir le plus d’attention possible.
    Alors que le bonheur , c’est de s’intéresser à quelqu’un, à quelque chose.
    Retiens bien cette phrase , que j’ai appliqué souvent dans ma vie et qui m’aide beaucoup
    ” on n’écoute pour se remplir le cœur, on parle (écrit) pour se vider le cœur .”


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