The New Year Begins

Happy New Year to all my readers!

With every New Year we usually reflect on the past year and make promises to do better in the coming year. My resolution this year is to work on my writing, more specifically, finish writing a book I started a few years back which will be based on  my story, of how I experienced and survived the life changing events that occurred to me.

The year 2018 ended and 2019 started  with my youngest daughter and her 2 children.

In March of 2017, my youngest daughter’s husband tragically passed away of a heart attack at the age of 33 . Four months earlier they had become the proud parents of their second child. I cannot begin to express the sadness and devastation we all felt. This life shattering event was the beginning of a new reality for my daughter and the rest of the family and friends. As her mother I needed to be there for her in whichever capacity she needed me. I offered to have her move in with me but she preferred to stay in her home. Therefore, I stayed with her until she adjusted to her new life as a single parent.

Last year, her first Christmas without her spouse, she preferred to spend it alone with her children. She hung a Christmas stocking for him on the fireplace mantel. This year she  asked me to sleep over on the Eve so that I would be there Christmas morning to open the gifts with the Grandchildren. This warmed my heart. Then on New Year’s Eve she asked to come over and celebrate with me. We had a nice dinner together and the kids got a kick out of the party poppers and noise makers. By  midnight, mother and children were fast asleep and Nana was sitting on the couch watching the count down, alone, LOL!

These precious and happy  moments are always tinged with a bit of sadness– for the loss of a husband and father, for a life that ended too soon.

What I want to leave you with is that it is OK to be happy and sad at the same time. It is all part of the healing . It is the human experience!

My wish for all of you is that the promises made to yourself, be fulfilled.

4 thoughts on “The New Year Begins

  1. thank you Carol for this, I was not sure what had happened last year to you and your family since I did not see any posts about it, so let me first relay my sincere sympathies to your daughter for her loss and second I can relate to her as my late husband passed away 1 week before Christmas 11 years ago, even though my children were much older it was still hard to go through the motions for them and as mothers we always adjust to try to make it easier for them, but life goes on and your daughter has her children to keep her focused and grounded, I wish her strength and courage and health to continue to live for herself and her children…God Bless her..


    1. Thank you Antoinette. The loss of a spouse is devasting. I feel the pain for u and all those that have gone thru this especially those with children.


  2. Hello Carole! Happy New Year! Your book will be superb! You are an exceptional woman and your story must be heard! Good luck my friend!


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