Forever 21 (not the store)

Shortly after meeting my esthetician, my social life took an exciting turn. This friendship became one of healing and re-discovery of my younger self, the youth I lost after getting married short of 22 years old and a mother of two by the age of 26. The best years of my young life were devoted to my husband and children. They came first. When I hit my forties, I began to mourn my youth. By then, my daughters were teenagers, they didn’t need me as much anymore. I had more time to reflect on my life, the missed opportunities and adventures. I became depressed and started therapy. In therapy I discovered that growing up I suffered many disappointments, mainly from my strict upbringing and insecurities. The consequences, getting married too young.

My esthetician, who I’ll call Maya, for anonymity reasons, did not see me as a middle aged woman but a modern woman with life experience. She wanted me to be part of her social circle. She proudly introduced me to many of her numerous friends.

I remember the first time she asked me to go to a dance club with her and another friend. They had come over for supper. At the end of the evening, she informed me that they were headed off to a dance club and instructed me to go change, ’cause I was going with them. “OMG, no way! I’m old, I’ll feel out of place,” I protested. Both said that age was just a number. She grabbed my hand and brought me to my room to choose something for me to wear. I exclaimed,”but I don’t have any club worthy clothes.” She told me to wear black pants and a tight fitting top that would show some cleavage. She helped me with my make up and snapped some pics to post on facebook (photo above taken that night). I was 21 years old again! All the excitement that comes with being that age rushed back but better because I was free, accountable to no one.

The club was packed with millennials. What was I doing here? She introduced me to friends who were waiting for her at the club. They all accepted me with open arms and made me feel part of the group. I had a drink, danced and had a great time!

This was the beginning of many more such outings.

On a few of these occasions, I was approached by some very nice young men telling me how refreshing it was to see a woman of my generation frequenting these places. Some even shook my hand as if honored by my presence, LOL! This did wonders for a my morale.

I began to feel comfortable attending these establishments. It now became usual for me to go out clubbing at 10 p.m. My 50+ friends were retiring for the night and I was changing into stilettos to join my younger friends. This may sound crazy, but I never felt out of place.

I will end this blog post by saying, that I truly believe the universe put Maya on my path for a purpose – to recapture my missed youth. You surely heard of older people saying how they’d like to be 21 again but with their current knowledge and wisdom. I’m not 21 but I do have the heart of one and blessed with knowledge and wisdom.

For those of you out there that may be sad and/or depressed because of lost opportunities or adventures, new ones can be found. You must be open to them and believe in yourself and the magic of the universe. They will appear when you are ready to seize them.

Enjoy your weekend!😊😊

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